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Bergland Invest S.A

 has a team of highly skilled specialists of Russian fat-and-oil industry with nearly 20 years of experience. The company is distinguished by its ability to combine the efforts of leading specialists of the oil and fat industry and promotion of goods. Bergland invest S.A has a focused specialisation in packaging. Its operations are focused on export from Russia abroad. We also have representation in most important territories. 

Being a dynamically developing company, it is ready to consider new markets in cooperation with other partners. Product delivery service distinguishes Bergland invest S.A among similar companies. The company has a stock of leased cars. It has also gained partners among the largest marine cargo transporters worldwide. 

In our work we act under the main partnership principles and develop sales in cooperation with our partners at a certain liability area. We work according to the system of “joint listening and seeing”. Bergland invest S.A takes all the reasonable measures to ensure timely notice of its associates of any estimated market changes. Thus, it creates additiona advantages for the partners at their liability area. 

At the same time we try to prevent any influence of price fluctuations over our associates. Our Sales Department employees aim not at the gross performance, but at establishing partnership relations, ensuring regular sales and due support of our PARTNERS. 

We will be glad to welcome you as our new partner!