Product Description

BRAVITA Refined, Deodorized and Winterized Sunflower Oil is entirely refined in order to ensure maximal shelf-life and the lack of flavour. The refinery provides for oil purification from extraneous impurities, pesticides and oxidation products. The winterization (removal of waxes) ensures oil transparency.

BRAVITA Sunflower Oil is excellent with any dishes and can be used with all the types of product treatment, such as frying, baking, or cooking of salads. Each batch of items to be used in oil production is supported by the following quality certification deeds:
- Certificates of Conformity;
- Certificates of Quantity stipulating the product indicators according to GOST-Standards.

Our products comply with the provisions of Federal Law No. 90-FZ as of June 24, 2008 and GOST R 52465-2005.

The quality of BRAVITA Sunflower Oil complies with the highest European standards.